Monday, December 1, 2014

Make Money From Scrap

Can you make money from scrap?  Absolutely.  That being said, it’s not a get-rich-quick business.  But depending on how much time and effort you invest, you can make some nice money on the side, or be your own boss and earn a living from it.  Whether you want to salvage gold as a hobby or become a money-making recycling business, this blog will research present a number of scrapping options.

Lots of people are already recovering gold, silver, and other precious metals, as well as valuable scrap metals such as copper and aluminum.  What you WON’T find here are just a couple of tantalizing tips and a smattering of advice to try and sell you an e-book.  Everything I can think of will be here for you to use free.

Scrapping Secrets Revealed!

You’re going to find that a lot of the people making money with scrap aren’t too anxious to share their knowledge.  They’re finding and selling scrap metal, locating and making money off of scrap electronics, but not letting on how basic the process is.  Perhaps in a very small town there might not be enough material for two full-time metal salvagers but – most of the time – there’s way more scrap than there are people profiting from it.

How Exactly Do You Make Money From Scrap?

The scrapping or salvaging business is, very simply, about finding material – usually metals – that a lot of people don’t want, but someone is willing to pay for.  Pieces of aluminum, gold from electronics, undervalued silver jewelry, thrift store silverware, and so on.  Occasionally you’ll find large quantities of valuable scrap in one location, but usually your salvaging smaller amounts and stockpiling them.

How Do I Start Profiting From Scrap?

Money From Scrap

Before you start collecting old electronics for their gold, or wondering if you should buy what might be a sterling silver serving tray, look through this site.  Bear in mind that you might have valuable scrap in your home right now, which may be easy money, but that the big money in scrapping comes from a consistent and persistent approach.  That salvaging approach can be a few minutes a week, or 10 hours a day depending on how much money you want to make.

Welcome here, and all the best!

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