Where To Find Scrap Gold

You hear about gold all the time.  And, since you're reading this, you've probably heard about people recovering gold and stockpiling or selling it.  The big question is "where do I find scrap gold?"

The fact is, there are a number of sources for this precious metal, including your own home, neighborhood, and workplace.

Scrap Gold At Home

Let's start with that jewelry box of yours.  If you're like most people, you have a broken gold necklace or two that you didn't get fixed because you didn't miss wearing them that much.  Maybe there's a gold earring without a match.  How about a broach with a missing clasp, or bent bracelets and gold rings?  If you haven't worn it in a half a year or more, you can probably stand getting rid of it.

I don't know a single person who doesn't have at least one junk drawer in the house.  Look for those broken watches, abandoned knickknacks, chotchkies, and other odds and ends that might be made of or plated with gold. 

Next stops are the basement, attic, shed, garage, or anyplace you have things in storage.  This is especially important if you've moved one or more times.  Often you'll put a gold item away and forget you have it.  These are perfect items to sell and get cash for, instead of hiding them away.  Don't distracted by a trip down memory lane... keep focused.  Otherwise you might miss that gold-plated pen set, or those ugly napkin rings you received as a wedding gift.

Family Gold Diggers

You might also want to ask family and friends to do the same for you.  Obviously this only works if you have a close relationship with them -- and you should always be honest and tell them you plan to sell the gold for cash.  if you think they have a lot of scrap gold to recover, then perhaps it's worth offering them a percentage of any profit.

Grassroots Sources

Garage sales, yard sales, and thrift shops can also be good sources for scrap gold.  The trick is to find something that someone doesn't realize the value of.  A shoe box full of Aunt Gertie's old jewelry might reveal an 18-karat earring!

Don't bother looking for anything at pawn shops.  Those people are professionals and, most likely, selling gold items for more than they're worth.

Scrap Gold From Electronics

Another modern source of scrap gold is electronics.  An unbelievable amount of electronic components use gold because of it's superior conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Salvaging Dental Gold

Some people specialize in recovering dental gold.  This scrap source isn't as common, but can be profitable because to the amount of gold that can be salvaged from each item.  If there isn't one here when you read this, I'll try and do a post exclusively on scrap dental gold -- so check back later.

Recovering Gold Leaf

Items that are covered in gold leaf can also be a scrap source if they're large enough.  The problem is that gold is so malleable that it can be made unbelievably thin (thin enough to coat glass without affecting it's clarity) -- so it takes a large gold leaf surface to produce a significant amount of salvage.